sweetie to the sweet love

My friend Kelli is opening a bakery!  Hooray for making dreams REALITY!  Nora Kate and I were honored to attend a premier party this past weekend.

Sarabeth snapped our photo - damn PAPA-PAPA-RAZZI.  Just can't go anywhere!  ;)

I'm also honored that Kelli selected a location so close to my house and to Nate's school!  (For all my locals, on Cantrell next to Taziki's and the drive through liquor store... across the road from Pavillion in the Park!)  I see some after school special treats in our very near future.

Kelli makes awesome treats and amazing cakes and cookies -  this one was at a recent "Alice in Wonderland" party we attended for Nate's little partner in crime Olive.   She also made iced sugar cookies with the Angela Rogers Group logo (my office) for our 5 year anniversary party.  Really, if you have a wild and crazy idea you want to live out via delicious cakes or cookies, Kelli is your girl.

Here she is on The Book to the Face.

And  for all my local blogger partners in crime, it was lovely (to see you)! (Needed three more blogs to link there, eh?  Did I miss anyone?!)


nicole said...

Big congrats to Kelli! Can't wait to see the bakery for myself! xo.

melissa said...


i want to kiss her face

and yours :)


Jax said...

So fun! I want a friend's bakery close to my house! :) Congrats to Kelli! And um. yeah.. I kinda love Nora Kate. Like a lot. Like I want to grab her and kiss those sweet cheeks rightfreakingnow!