tidbits for your monday, january 23rd

Nora Kate is rolling over.  For several weeks.  Constantly.  Lay her on her back, walk away... BAM.  Tummy time.  I'm pretty sure Nate didn't roll over until he was, oh, 7 months old or some such ridiculousness so this feels like new territory to us.  Mostly, I tell people it makes me sad because it means she's changing too fast, and, while that is a little true, I'm happy she is healthy and growing and doing her baby thing.  

Our night times are a whole lot of musical beds.  Everyone seems to start the night in their respective sleeping quarters (did you just get an image of Karl and me in two twin beds with hair rollers and flannel button-up pjs cause I DID!) but somehow we become a jumble of arms and legs and 'mommy' and milk in the wee hours of the night.  Karl and I often joke there's a 'boys room' and a 'girls room' in our house.  (At least we think we're joking.)  For me, honestly, I barely notice getting up at night and it rarely bothers me.  I'm pretty sure with five/six hours of sleep and one cup of coffee I can, in fact, conquer the world. 

Nate's video game obsession continues.  Part of me freaks out about him consuming too much media (even with our limits) and part of me wants to sit and play Lego Indiana Jones with him for HOURS.  Because that shit is fun.  It is the first video game I have EVER enjoyed (Mario inclusive) and my friend Kristen and I have been having regular get togethers to play it after hours (and Lego Harry Potter which is also a-mazing.)  I GET IT GAMERS.  Karl keeps slyly mentioning other games I might like but I'm pretty sure Lego games are it for me! 


Jax said...

ha! Love this! I love the part of you that wants to sit and play! I can just see you guys totally enthralled in Indiana Jones! Love it! Miss you, friend!

sdhorton said...

Nash is obsessed with his Cars 2 video game and I'm not trying to introduce him to any new ones.;) So understand musical beds! Hope that doesn't last forever!

sdhorton said...
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Sully said...

I play Zelda on the Game Cube, now the Wii, my DS, I'm obsessed. It's redunk but FUN!!