what bring your baby to work looks like (for me)

So, I just wanted to record some moments of NK on the job.   My boss has been quite flexible with this whole maternity leave and baby mama thing.   (It helps that I am part time and paid a contract labor rate.)  (It also helps that I work in an office of all women.)  (It also helps that I can do a lot of my work at home and on unscheduled hours.)  (It also helps that Nate is in school and loves it.)  (It also helps that I love my job and am good at it.)  BUT STILL I feel like not many bosses would allow their employees to bring their children to some of the places my boss has allowed.

Por ejemplo...

One morning our whole team (five of us) went to look at office space in downtown Little Rock.  We met with our real estate agent and viewed four different properties.  It was the morning of LR's surprise snow shower so I bundled NK up in Nate's old bear suit and we all took turns carrying her. 

One afternoon got together to shoot our company Christmas card on ice.  Yep, on ice.  NK pleasantly hung out in her car seat (In hindsight, maybe I should have brought a stroller that day?!)  while I laced up my skates and twirled around the rink (You can't tell from the photo but right before I was practicing my sow cow...cue music: What Would Brian Boitano Do.)  

This photo courtesy of www.christenbyrd.com.
 One Saturday, I worked Little Rock's annual Holiday Parade (my company coordinates the event).  My job was to man the judges station and make sure the eligible bands and floats stopped to be judged. This day, I was lucky b/c Karl and Nate and a bunch of our friends came down and hung out around the judge's stand.  So, mostly, NK was in her stroller right behind the stage with Karl.  (Though I still had to nurse her in the car WHILE I was tallying the winners after the parade.  Multitasking at its finest... er... or something.) 

Every Tuesday and Thursday she comes to the office with me.  Mostly, it looks like this: 

My part of a New Year's ARG facebook message.

I have to say that a lot of it is NK herself.  When my boss and I first discussed the possibility of Bring Your Baby to Work, I thought 'no freaking way.... not possible.'  If she were a different baby (read: if she screamed her head off day and night) then this would be impossible.   I know it can't last forever (and probably not even for much longer...eventually I will have to actually GO to meetings with clients again) but it's working for right now!  


Our Happy Married Life... said...

awww, so sweet. you've got a system it looks like. and what a cute sidekick! :)

Desperately Seeking Gina said...

So fabulous! Working with women is so completely different than working with all men. I finally have another woman to work with and the whole office vibe is completely altered because of it. Work actually is sometimes enjoyable {as much as retail can be!}.

brooke knight said...

YAY. it was a great time when i was able to bring parkie to work - made me feel like i didn't have to choose which part of me won, and someone else didn't get all that baby snuggle time with MY kid! so nice to be able to do that - yay for flexible workplaces.

Panamamama said...

:) So cool!

Ashley said...

I love this. So cool!