Cords, strings, we brings melody

Ever get some REALLY bad song lyrics in your head?  The same lines over and over again?

Me.  Today: 

Cause she's watching wrestling
Creaming over tough guys
Listening to rap-metal
Turntables in her eyes

What's in YOUR head at the moment?   (Read: Please make me feel less crazy in the comments.) 



nicole said...

I feel ya. My husband is constantly singing AND/OR making up songs, which means he is *always* putting random songs in my head. Sometimes it humors me, then at other times I NEED QUIET TIME OR BAD THINGS MAY HAPPEN TO INNOCENT PEOPLE. ;)

Anonymous said...

Danny got a race car for Easter and when you push a button it plays, "Pump up the Jam". All day Easter that was stuck in my head.
Owww ooo waaa put your booty on floor tonight ......

--Aunt Jayne

Unknown said...

There is something rather beautiful about those lyrics--just maybe not all strung together like that? : )

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