silly little update


Nate's been a bit obsessed with, um, Star Wars characters.   He hasn't actually seen any Star Wars movies (we're thinking age 5?! Thoughts?), but he has seen some of the Clone Wars cartoons and (I have no idea what I'm talking about as I've never seen any Star Wars movie.  Ever.  I know.) and he has several Star Wars books, puzzles and games.  I now know way too many characters.  I have sandwich cutters in the shape of the Millennium Falcoln and TIE Fighters for God's sake. Needless to say, we've been pretending Star Wars A LOT.  Just this morning, I was a BAD DROID WITH A GUN (always with a gun) and he was ANIKAN WITH A LIGHT SABAR and we had to battle it out before breakfast.   

His current level of pretend is super fun.  He definitely has an imaginary friend named Boppy.  (Have I mentioned Boppy on the blog before?)   Karl and I are pretty sure Boppy is cut from EVIL CLOTH as any time Nate does something less than wonderful, it's somehow (according to Nate) Boppy's Fault.  (Boppy gets his own time-outs in our house.  Right next to Natey.)  For a brief period of time, there was also a Tu-Tu - who did all things good, but I think he disappeared when Nate realized Tu-Tu was getting some of the praise Nate wanted.  

Nora Kate-isms. 

So, Nora Kate is officially six months old tomorrow morning.  I can't fathom it, I really can't.  She has teeth.  TWO OF THEM.  She can move (not full on crawling; just a little bit of The Scooty Scoot and some up on all fours rocking).  She can sit unassisted.  She still hates bottles and her carseat.  Since I've been working a lot more and she's been with a sitter, she'll eat approximately 8 ounces all day (read: not a lot but it is from a bottle so that's a good thing - thank you all Playtex drop-in recommenders! which means UP ALL NIGHT MARATHON NURSING SESSIONS  It hasn't been that pleasant.   (I should also note here that I have little to no stash of pumped milk so it's not necessarily the Worst Thing Ever.). Little bit of a strange transitional time - the six month mark.   But, her nature remains sweet and calm and generally just plain happy so it's hard to complain.  

Natey, he fits in the good ole Bumbo: 

NK, not so much: 


Anonymous said...

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Jax said...

Okay, what the eff is up with the comment above mine or below mine or wherever. Microjewels? Orgasmatrom? I dunno what those are, but I want some. haha!

Anyhoo, the Boppy friend and bumbo sitting had me laughing out loud. They are just too much. And I haven't ever seen Star Wars either. Whatever. I feel like we're pretty well rounded people and we get all the jokes "Luke, I am your..." Exactly. So, why see the darn movie? haha! ;)