settling into summer

Our summer calendar is filling up and it’s a strange, beautiful and kid-centric time.   Nate will be FOUR (FOUR?!?!) next month and I  sometimes still can’t fathom the fact that I’ve been a parent for four years.   Our summer sitter (we have a summer sitter!)  started this week and is nothing short of wonderful.   My office is in the midst of moving so I’m a bit displaced this week (currently writing this from the library) as we transition. 

We also made our first pilgrimage to the big pool – I wasn’t brave enough to try both kids on my own the first go-round, so we made it a family affair.  (I’m ready to brave it alone now; Nate adjusted nicely to swimming with multiple flotation devices.)   We also have summer school and the conclusion of summer baseball and the start of swim lessons.  Sometimes the sheer luxury of all that we can provide for the kids floors me.  Lucky little ducks.  


The Smiths said...

Where is that swing Nate is on?

Andrea said...

Getting ready to take our two to the pool next week when we get back in town and I am SO EXCITED to be the Mom who takes her kids swimming all freakin' summer! So yea, we're doing family affair first and then I'll be on my own. I AM MOTHER. HEAR ME ROAR.

Aubrey said...

Summer is sooooooo fun! But when did our kids get so...BIG?! My BABY just turned three. Damn near broke my heart.

These kids are so lucky. Ella starts school -- PREP SCHOOL -- in September. My kid. In prep school. How the heck did that happen?? Not only the big-enough-to-go-to-school bit, but also the fancy pants prep school bit. I'm from a town called BURNS FLAT (one stop light, no community pool, loads of meth) and my kid is going to PREP SCHOOL. Blows my mind.