summer time birthday woes

Alright all you summer babies now is your chance to LET IT ALL OUT about how you never got to celebrate your birthday at school and how it scarred you for life and how you are now a terrible person.  Ready?  Go.

Nate's teacher sent home a note on Monday.  Since this is the last week of school, they're celebrating all summer birthdays this week and, since his birthday is in June, his day is Wednesday and can I please bring a treat/snack?  (Disregard the fact that he'll be in summer program, at the same school, with most of the same kids when his actual birthday occurs.)

I refuse to put Happy Birthday Nate! on said treats so I went with, uh, Yay!

And put them on these schmancy juice boxes:

And attached a fruit roll up (He had cupcakes Monday AND Tuesday and is having ice cream on Friday.  I know, right?  I wanted to send fruits and vegetables but Karl told me it wasn't allowed.)

Bam.  And I didn't even consult Pintrest.  (Pintrest would laugh at my feeble juice box covers!)

(Please don't tell the Star Wars empire that I borrowed this image from google; I found it on a site called "how to draw R2D2 step by step" (not that I was going to draw ANYTHING; I just googled star wars images.)  Please don't get me copyright police.  ITS FOR MY CHILD'S FAKE BIRTHDAY.  


Jax said...

haha! I love the juiceboxes! :) And yeah, I totally hated that I couldn't have a bday celebration at school. My mom always said "But you get to SWIM on your birthday!" I was cool with that for some reason.. haha.. :)

Aubrey said...

The juiceboxes look great! And I think Nate will turn out JUST FINE despite the massive setback of a summer birth. (But really, Kat, how could you?! How hard would it have been to push him out a month earlier??)

P.S. I NEVER consult Pintrest because it would make my whole life (home decor, wardrobe, kiddie crafts, homecooked meals, etc) look pathetic. I'm happy in my ignorance. :)

melissa said...

people have birthdays in the summer?! weird! :)

sdhorton said...

Not only do I have a summer birthday and missed out on the school stuff as a kid. My older brother's birthday is 3 days after mine so we had a lot of combined birthday parties. That sucked. Just letting it out! :)

sarabethjones said...

Um, I'm a Junebug too and wouldn't trade it for the WORLD. POOL PARTIES FTW!

{And I think I'm a *wonderful* person.}


Desperately Seeking Gina said...

How weird and random that "beep beep boop" is my favorite robot noise...and that I can often be heard saying it?

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

Great idea! (And on an unrelated note, I meant to tell you that I, too, have been calling Sutton "Boo Boo"! I don't even know where it came from, it just happened. I fell ridiculous calling her that, but I can't stop.)

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