a night in little rock

Last week, we went on a little walk around downtown to check out the new Clinton Center Wetlands area. 

Here's the good ole Presidential Library:

 And here's the new Wetlands area (photo taken from atop the pedestrian bridge):

SHOCKINGLY, Nate got tired of walking about an hour in (after a full day of school) so we let him sit in the front of the stroller.  (He's basically anti-stroller which, generally, is good for me as I hate lugging that thing in and out of my car.)

Thankfully, Boo Boo doesn't mind a little crushing (Oh, why yes we did decide the baby's new name is boo-boo.  WHY?!  WHY?!  I don't know but we ALL say it.  Make US STOP.).

Totally the right way to use a stroller:

He carried his Storm Trooper gun for the duration, only stopping (unprompted) to (and I quote) "get healed in the sick bay." 

I present you the sick bay: 

(Also known as the entrance to Heifer International Headquarters.)

Downtown Little Rock :: Where all good droids go to die.


Jax said...

hahaha.. The sick bay. Awesome.

nicole said...

Great photos! I love this town! (and those cute kiddos) xo.

Lauryl Lane said...

oh man, i love it. you are obviously raising your kids right!!! ;-)

Aubrey said...

Looks like a great evening in Little Rock. I am completely and utterly jealous that your kids are wearing shorts and t-shirts. Mine are still wearing at least three layers at all times.

P.S. Tell Boo Boo that Mo-mo says hi. Love it! :)

Elizabeth Spann said...

This kind of made my day. :) All parts.

Jasmine said...

Great pics!