next week's TIME cover

File this under THINGS THAT ARE HOT: 

This is me last week.  You can thank me for leaving the image this small.

Basically, The Internet exploded with reactions to the cover photo of the woman breastfeeding her three year old, eh?  (Do you think most of the reactors even read the article?  I liked this reaction.)

Here's a link to an interview of the woman on the cover.   Here's a link to her blog.  Seems like a loving mama parenting how she wants to parent, no?  So, everyone should stop FREAKING OUT, right?  (She also wrote this.) 

Alright then.

I'd like to share one of MY favorite breastfeeding photos:

Go ahead.  Tell her to cover up.  I'll wait here.  (Source)

Now, let's all go have a beer.


Aubrey said...

LOVE the picture of the lady with the knife. Is that red paint or BLOOD?! There is no way in hell that her son would be scarred from BREASTFEEDING when he's seen his mother BRUTALLY MURDER PEEPS.

P.S. My breast pump was my mortal enemy. Some day, when prospects of nursing are 100% over, I am going to go Office Space on that sucker and beat it to death with a baseball bat. I'm ALMOST as hard core as knife lady...almost. :)

Bethany said...

I'm pretty impressed with your ability to pump, rain covered and take a picture. I am NOT that talented.

Timeagazune wanted people to talk, and they achieved that. There was a great conversation about it at my shower today-and no one liked my opinions!

Andrea said...

You are all sorts of awesome! :)

Jax said...

Like the link about not being mom enough. I think that's a great perspective. I could only IMAGINE the debates still going on about that cover. I saw it and groaned, knowing people would be batsh*t about it. I mean, I posted a photo of an airport lactation room on my blog once saying I contemplated taking a nap (joking) and it caused an uproar if I recall. People get so worked up about this stuff! Agreed about just be who you are and keep your kid and yourself healthy. And go have a beer. :)

Unknown said...

Those photos are too great. Especially yours. Hilarious.

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