sugar awwwww honey honey

I had a birthday on Friday.  

All I asked for (teasingly) was to sleep through the night (I didn't get it - no fault of Karl...I just couldn't...it was a nursing thing.  I couldn't make it the whole evening out PLUS overnight without some relief and waking up in the middle of the night to pump while Karl bottle fed the baby just seemed silly.)  

What did we do?  

Since we've both been insanely busy and now have two kiddos to cart around (read: STILL ADJUSTING)  he warned me not to expect the same LEVEL OF BIRTHDAY as in year's past.  (We normally are low-key birthday celebraters; last year was my 30th and any birthday that ends in zero is special, right?)  This year, he made reservations at a restaurant downtown and we spent way too much money on dinner and then went to a bar (gasp) to have drinks after.   Low key, fantastic and we even remembered to eat slowly and use our table manners.  

(On a completely unrelated note as I was browsing back to find the surprise party post I re-read this FANTASTICALLY INSANE pregnancy dream post and now wonder why there were only a few comments and not, say, ALL OF YOU asking if I was insane.)