7 times 7 times 7...does anybody have a calculator

I so thought it was our 8th anniversary.   Wrong.   Just the 7th.  "JUST" THE SEVENTH.  (How?!)

At midnight I tweeted this: 

I'll let you figure out the hashtag.  First one to guess it gets some boobie tassles.  (All in reference to an old Adam Sandler movie - Big Daddy anyone?) 

It was also the kids first day of school. 

Everyone was a little exhausted from the excitement of the day but we dropped them off with Gigi anyway.  We talked about going out a different night.  We really did.  But we knew we wouldn't. 

Must.  Capture.  The.  Moment.  

We were going to go to some nice, tame old people restaurant.  It was raining.  And also just a little past 5:30.  That screams salads and crab cakes with a small glass of wine, right? 


It screams damnit-wakeup-new-fancy-asian-fusion-restaurant that is still in soft opening phase.  (We're so cool.) (Also there was LITERALLY no one but us and some happy hour folks in the whole place.)

Miraculously, they didn't laugh at us and, instead, tucked us away in one of these funky, glowing booths and brought us copious amounts of wine and beef.  (Who doesn't want to eat dinner basking in the glow of small asian figurines?)  (Hi horsey!) 

This was my meal.  It came with a salt block to cook my steak.  (WHO DOESN'T WANT A BURNING HOT SALT BLOCK ON THEIR PLATE?) (For the record, it was actually an outstanding meal; though the last few pieces were a bit salty since the block had cooled quite a bit.)  (Thankfully I'm all MMMMM salt.)   

What do you do after half a bottle of wine on a Monday night?  Make your waiter take a photo of you in front of a ridiculous glowing statue.  DRUNK HAIR!  CRAB CAKE AND SALAD CLOTHES!

(Then transfer your sleeping children to their beds and proceed to have one more beer on the front porch while you talk to your sweet 16 year old neighbor (who, by the way, came over to borrow a TI-83; See?  What?  What?  We still have hip calculators!) about how awesome college is and how he should go.  HA.    

That's how YOU do an anniversary, right?  RIGHT!?

(All joking aside, it was a lovely evening.) 


Aubrey said...

Holy hilarious! What a fantastic anniversary! RED STEAK, Asian figurines, beer on the porch, calculators, Adam Sandler, and praying that the kids sleep until it's light outside. That's the stuff dreams are made of if you ask me.

P.S. My TI-84 Silver could eat your TI-83 for breakfast. :)

Kelli said...

Loose skin and old balls! My husband of seven (hey!) years likes to say that all the time. Your anniversary night sounded much like ours (sans-kids, of course). Congrats!

Sarah said...

congrats gal!
you two are awesome.