nk and nate :: time for a family update

(You guys.  I've been trying to write this post for freaking ever.  Everytime I re-read my draft, the kids are doing something new and I have to re-write.  Pathetic.)

We'll start with the littlest one since she is the easiest to talk about.

Nora Kate:  Hater of school and food.   Lover of mama and her owl blankie.  Recently fiesty. 

Both of her hates?  With the passion of a thousand burning suns.  Seriously child, EAT SOMETHING and stop crying when I drop you off!  We basically skipped baby foods entirely and are now working on coaxing any sort of table food at all in her mouth.  So far, basically, she's on the white diet.  (Pasta, crackers, potatoes.)  I get it.  I like carbs and starchy things too.  She comes by it honestly.  She's not withering away but I'd love for her to eat more.  Pretty much the only other foods she'll eat are broccoli and watermelon (so HIGH in CALORIES!).  We're making progress.  She won't eat a single bite at school.  Honestly, I'm not too worried about it.    She's still nursing when she feels like it (usually just the morning) and taking bottles the rest of the day.

She is drunk baby Frankenstein walking like a champ. She is also (I shouldn't type this) sleeping!  Hooray!  It only took her 10 months but considering she wasn't even put into her crib until about 6 months, I'd say that's pretty good!  (To be honest, the first six months when she was in our bed I didn't feel that sleep deprived.  Moving her to the crib and having to actually get up?  That's when I felt the most ti ti.)

(Y'all know if it was up to me I'd just have one ENORMOUS family bedroom...mattress on the floor style, right?) 

(And, I've come so far as a parent and person that I'd even blog about it and let you all judge me as you like!)

With her recent walking has come some fiestiness.  I'm starting to doubt my doctor's "if she's a mellow baby that'll be her personality" theory.   Her recent bite marks in Nate's arm and my shoulder  tell a DIFFERENT story.   She's also loving her daddy lately.    FINALLY.

Unsure about the Razorbacks.  Us too, sweetie.

Nate:   Lover of school and his best friend Ryan.  Hater of sitting still and being inside.

He has discovered farting is a funny word (Like whispering "Mommy I have a secret" and then "I farted!"  THANK YOU NATE.) He also said butthole for the first time.  Sigh.  SERIOUS milestone moments going around here.  Why are bodily functions SO FUNNY to four year olds?  I already KNOW THAT POOP COMES OUT OF YOUR BUTT.   Yesterday, at the grocery store, he spent no less than five minutes shaking his booty at the overhead camera (one where you can see yourself on screen) in the cheese aisle.  

He still has his imaginary friends Boppy (the troublemaker) and Tu-Tu (MODEL FREAKING KID) though they rarely come out to play these days.  He's continues to adore school and any and every type of sport known to man.  (Seriously.  His capacity for making up games combining homeruns, touchdowns and goals knows no end.)   His video game obsession abated (we went weeks without playing) and has (just this week) returned with a vengeance.  Thankfully, the weather is insanely gorgeous so we mostly spend our free time together in the front yard or at the park. 

October is bringing us visits from both my parents and my sister and her boyfriend.    There will be pumpkins.  Oh, yes, there will be pumpkins. 


Aubrey said...

Your kids are so cute it's borderline sick. I love the pics and the mental image of Nate shaking his bum for the security man's viewing pleasure. Awesome.

melissa said...

presh. love.

Meredith said...

Love the pictures (poor Razorbacks). My two favorite parts of this post:

1. She is on an all-white diet. AMEN, sister. I would be right there with her if I didn't have to prick my gosh darn finger twice a day and report back to my doctor. As soon as this pregnancy is over I plan to resume my all-white diet.

2. The fact that Nate has an imaginary playmate who is a model child absolutely cracks me up. I just always assumed imaginary playmates were up to no good but apparently not. At least he's friends with all types.

Jax said...

I like the phrase "there will be pumpkins." Nate's imaginary friend is awesome. Just saying. And NK and Nate are so freaking adorable, Kat! Seriously. I just want to hug them right out of the computer! Well..wait.. NK might need to change her dress in that one photo, but other than that, it's okay. (I'm anti Arkansas until we beat them on November 3).

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