all eyez on me

On Thursday, a day I don’t normally work, I gave a presentation to some of our IMPORTANT clients.  (Capslock for them – that’s how special they are.)   The presentation was web-related so I wasn’t nervous about it until they dimmed all the lights in the conference room and BAM! – spotlight on my face.   It took me a second to squint out at everyone and begin.  I knew it was going well when my co-worker Meredith texted me “This rocks” mid-presentation.  (And, yes, I saw it.  This mama always has her phone during work hours.  JUST IN CASE.)  

Further, work is going great. I feel like I could be there full time plus and still have work to do at home.   When I’m there, I think “I could totally do that – work full time, have both the kids in school.”  Then I leave at 2:30 and have long, lovely park afternoons with the kids and think “NEVER.  I’m NEVER WORKING AGAIN!”  Aaaand repeat.  Three days a week.   Plus some hours outside of that – increasingly more lately; we are ramping up to our busy time of year. 

And, realistically, this presentation was outside of “normal” work hours for me so I had to find NK a sitter for Thursday in order to give this presentation.    That's not always going to work.  My boss covered the sitter fee (I know; I do realize how lucky I am) for this event but that is not always the case.  I have to say NO often (which is not in my nature when it comes to office life).   Still, I hold strong to my I’M ONLY PART TIME position and pray I’m giving enough attention all around. 


Eve said...

I loved tupac, too. I got the reference immediately. It is tough to find a balance between work and home, and I'm glad to hear you are making it work. Keep us posted.

Emily R said...

nobody has ever put a spotlight on me, and I am not super-familiar with tupac. other than that, i may as well have written this. i have that exact same work/home balance situation going on. love the job, love the kids, each place i am i think "ooh, i could do this so much more" then i get to the other place. I love your blog!


Jennifer said...

God love the ole CapsLk button. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!!!!

Kate said...

Congrats on the presentation. And I'm not gonna lie -- I'm kinda jealous reading about your kick-ass part time situation. It sounds good anyway.

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