Dallas. It's in Texas.

My friend Kristen moved to Dallas this past summer.  She and her husband bought their first house and she got her first nursing job in Plano (She went back to nursing school).  I miss her desperately.

This is her:

Wine tasting at World Market.  Want. A. World. Market.
This past weekend the stars aligned and NOT ONLY was I available but ALL THESE PRETTY LADIES were able to get together and head to Texas: 
Sadly, this was our one group photo.  Not the greatest.
 We greeted our two Texan friends with these There's No Place Like Home AR t-shirts.  

 Melissa greeted us with these (super classy) girls weekend koozies:

Like a good girl, I packed these guys:

We found the most ridiculous things to do:
So many confusing things were happening on this boat.

Who cares as long as it says TEXAS!!

On Saturday, we hit up good old IKEA where I pretended to perform an episode of IKEA Heights (Seriously hilarious - shot entirely in the Burbank California Ikea Store without the store knowing.  I don't know why things like this make me so happy.)  

One night out on the town was enough for us so we spent Saturday evening cuddled up in pj pants and sweatshirts on Kristen's back porch playing cards, screaming obscenities at each other and drinking beer.  My abs = sore from laughing.  

Also (and I realize this will be funny to none of you) I made an EPIC come back in our Phase 10 game.  (I was melodramatically throwing cards and threatening to forfeit towards the beginning of the game when the other girls were slaughtering me.)

Here is my totally sober victory picture:

There was SO MUCH yelling. 
It was a nice break from the norm and Karl took on the kiddos for the whole weekend solo (seriously no small feat). 

We made it home early on Sunday and I settled in to an evening of dishes and laundry.   Oddly, they felt like welcome chores after a weekend away.  Returning to norm.   


Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

Love those boots, Kat. And if there's any gal who can look good line dancing in them, it would be YOU. (Not that you line danced, but I know you used to.)


Aubrey said...

Weekends with girlfriends, cards, beer, and YELLING = my idea of heaven! Glad you had such a great time.

brooke knight said...

i cant believe you still have that TU hoodie! what's up 1999!

melissa said...

<3 <3 <3