we've moved on


Nate has moved on from his video game obsession to something new: FOOTBALL.

Exhibit A:
Karl:  Nate, what is 7 + 3.
Nate (blank stare): _______
Karl: Nate, how many points do you have if you score a touchdown and a field goal?
Nate (proudly): TEN!!

Exhibit B:
Karl and Nate playing in the yard.  Karl is playing quarterback and Nate is rushing toward him.

Nate: I'm going to sack you.
Karl (throws the ball forward and away).

He's four.  

Exhibit C: 
The obsessive score-checking every morning via the ESPN app on one of our phones.  (Example of breakfast table conversation: 'MOMMY, did you know the Packers beat the Vikings yesterday?')

You guys.  Seriously.  He, like, understands how it works.  He knows half the NFL quarterbacks and recognizes all the logos.  When we play in the yard, he wants to do it by the rules...first down, second down, extra points, punts.  It's out of control.  Out. of. Control.  Karl and I don't even like football that much.  I've watched more NFL games in the last month than possibly my whole life.    Guess it's time to start setting up a family fantasy league? 

Favorite teams: the Packers, the Broncos and the Bucaneers
Teams he roots against: The Whirlin (also know as New Orleans) Saints and the Detroit Lions


Aubrey said...

Football math! When (if) I ever go back to teaching, I am totally going to use this on freshman boys in Algebra 1.

Question: Touchdown + two-point conversion + __ = 11.

Answer: Safety. (If Nate can answer that, he can officially enter ninth grade.)

Ashley said...

Oh lordy. If this ever happens in my house, I'll die. I hate football. Lee, however, would be in heaven!

Jax said...

This is awesome.. haha! I would be so screwed with football rules. I might go to all the TU games, but I don't understand half the penalties or calls. I do love the football math!

Kate said...

Your football math is off! That would be touchdown + extra point + field goal, right?

This post is crazy. I mean that in the nicest way - crazy hilarious. Our kids just haven't found a similar obsession yet, so this fascinates me.

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