Here are some, uh, things.

I got all my Christmas cards in the mail.  Today.  Last year, I was spazzing out because Shutterfly sent (and I ordered) so late.  This year, I ordered early but lost motivation half way through addressing and stamping.  Now done.  On to, uh, shopping?  (I adore Christmas cards - maybe more than Christmas?  But you all know this.)  

I love my job; it's overwhelming at the moment.  My kids get out of school next Wednesday for the duration (until after the New Year) and I have no idea how I'm going to get the work done in the office hours I'm scheduled. 

We looked (and put an offer on) a house this weekend.  It had a unicorn sun catcher (You know you made one of these in the early 90s.  Don't lie.) in the upstairs window which I took as A SIGN we were destined to get it.  UNICORNS!!  Alas, it was only on the market 6 hours and someone wanted it waaay worse than we did.  (Offer price PLUS PLUS!) Mostly, we were/are glad (two PINK PINK tiled bathrooms y'all) but the location was seriously amazing.  We put the offer straight cash (and by that I mean no contingency offer b/c obviously our house is not on the market), not straight cash like we could pay for the whole house cash) so, again, probably for the best.  
    Major selling point.
To make myself feel better, I painted some furniture yellow and boxed up a bunch of stuff in our house.  (Possibly in preparation for us to sell it?  We are unsure.  But decluttering is always good, right?) 

Unwaxed and in a weird light; I'll photograph once it hits the living room.

I also consumed several burgers with APPROPRIATE amounts of cheese.  IN THE NAME OF FAILED REAL ESTATE. 

And spent some time with my 15 month old.  HOW?!?

We have no Elf on a Shelf to share (sorry I'm on Team Don't Get It when it comes to the Elf -  why does it make mischief to help your kids behave?  I know people swear by it.).  We do have a (mostly decorated) tree up and we will be staying home for the holidays (after the 10 hour post-Thanksgiving drive that should have been less than 6 we are wary.)

I'm waiting to get HIT WITH HOLIDAY SPIRIT. 



Aubrey said...

That unicorn is awesome. There is a house on our street that has not one but TWO of those in every window. Did I mention that it is the dwelling of a transvestite? Yes, we have a friendly tranny on our street. She is very kind, but I feel a bit awkward around her nowadays. Ever since Kate stage whispered while we were chatting, "IS THAT A BOY OR A GIRL? IT SOUNDED LIKE A BOY, BUT IT LOOKED LIKE A GIRL." It's a difficult concept for a three-year-old...

P.S. Hooray for Christmas cards! Did Ella guilt you into finishing those suckers up?? ;)

The Munchkins Mama said...

I don't get the elf and mischief either - we have one and he just moves to different areas "watching" not causing trouble or doing anything particular.

melissa said...

boo that you didn't get the house, but YAY for being so brave and putting in an offer! that's hardcore adulthood, friend! :)

i think if that elf lived in my house as a child i would never sleep. maybe i'm the exception. i was also terrified of teddy ruxpin.

okay that is all. love love.

Kaitlin said...

That unicorn is truly something else! We have just begun the process of getting the house ready to sell, etc. and I can already tell I'm going to need a lot of cheese to get through it...

Unknown said...

Oh, unicorns! I do remember making those.

The Photo Goo said...
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The Photo Goo said...

Love the NK pic.. the burger looks pretty disgusting!