thems the breaks :: flu edition

Well.  It happened.  Our house was infected with the flu.  Well, half our house anyway.  (Thankfully, the dramatic half - me and Nate.)  We are hoping the Tamiflu (which costs millions of dollars and does seemingly nothing) helps to spare Karl and Nora. 

There's not a lot to say about grown up illness that is funny.  I definitely was at about 20% for about 5 days.  ALL I could think while I laid there moaning and shivering was PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let the kids get it.  I would call Karl at work and he'd be all, "How are you feeling?" and I'd be all, "IT DOESN'T MATTER.  The kids can not get THIS."  

I quarantined myself to the bedroom and by the end of the week we thought for sure K and the kids had gotten a pass-go-collect-200-dollars pass.  I was even attempting to enjoy my time alone (fever or not!) in bed by watching the entirety of Season 1 of HBO's Girls in one day.  But the flu is a tricky beast.  Right when we started to get a teensy bit confident, Nate woke up with a slight (very slight) fever Friday morning and I knew that was it.

It was so much harder than my worst nightmare about it.   Having a sensitive kid and having a sick kid don't mesh.  I am not downplaying the illnesses of the non-sensitive kids (some kids just sleep when they're sick, right?) but after hearing MY HAIR IS TOO HEAVY 14 times, I honestly wasn't sure we were going to survive.   (He also mentioned (several thousands of times) I DON'T LIKE IT. I DON'T LIKE IT and, once, oddly, MY TOES HAVE SPARKLES AND THEY HUUUUUUUUUUURT.) 

At one point, he was sitting on my lap in the bathroom crying and I'm pretty sure my heart shattered (a little piece fell off for sure), when he asked me if he "had gotten old" and was he going to die.  I MEAN REALLY.   What do you say to that?  For the record, I told him he was still 'new' - his word for young - and he was going to be fine.  (Not long after that we called our amazing ER pediatrician friend Jon to help talk us off the ledge of actually taking him in.)  

I haven't been to work in upward of forever and we still can't go to school tomorrow!  I know it's all thems-the-breaks kid but JAYSUS MARY AND JOSEPH MAKE IT STOP.  


Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

Sorry for your misery, but I did laugh out loud at the "My hair is too heavy" and all the other comments. (Grayson says similar things.) But, the "new" being opposite of old is my favorite. Too cute!!

I hope you get to feeling better. I can't imagine the horror. :(


Jax said...

I am so glad things are on the up and up, but the "my hair is heavy" comment had me laughing just like Meredith said... ha! Wow. I frowned though at the "am I old/going to die.." Poor guy.

Eve said...

It is so hard when they are sick. I am glad to hear you guys are on the mend...finally!

Aubrey said...

As a mother of a dramatic child (primarily Kate...but Ella a little bit too) the heavy hair and sparkly toes cracked me up! And as a mother of a sensitive child (primarily Ella...but Kate a little bit too) Nate's very real worry that he had gotten old made my heart hurt. Hope he feels shiny and new VERY VERY SOON.

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