we've made it to day 27

Day 27 =

  • Sister birthday - she's inching toward 30. 
  • Cancelled soccer practice b/c of standing water on the fields; the cold wind was enough for me to want to cancel (though I don't think I can say that out loud as the coach, right?  My four and five year old players must be HARD CORE and never cry on the field, right?  Riiiiiight.) 
  • Kindergarten tour (ew)
  • Preperation for NK's combo 15/18 month doc appointment & vaccinations since I completely forgot the 15 month appointment.  Oops. 
  • A call from school b/c Karl forgot to Sharpie label Nora's string cheese stick.  (Really when the phone rings with school's number a STRING CHEESE LABELING is not the first thing I think is happening!)
  • A failed website target date for a client at work (Mostly my fault-ish?)
  • An evening event at work tomorrow AND I have NOTHING to wear.  I feel a little end of February shopping spree coming on tomorrow morning!  Suggestions?  PIKO?!?!?  
Now, go brush your teeth and snuggle under your covers to watch Pretty Little Liars (Season 2, Episode 7 - what?  just me?).  It's time for BED! 


melissa said...

her hairs are LONG

Kate said...

isn't there a band called String Cheese Incident?