we've made it to (highly embarrassing!) day 20

Day 20 was not without its moments of peril.  


Like when I picked the kids up today (after driving in the oh so lovely sleet) and was trying to get both of them and all their bags, coats, hats and lunchboxes out of their respective classrooms (we have a routine - I get Nora first and she and I walk across the hall to Nate's classroom to collect him) and Nate's preschool teacher said to me, "You're leaking" and, unthinking, I put a hand to my, uh, boobal area and awkwardly stared at my own chest for waaaaay too long before I realized she CLEARLY was talking about Nora's school bag, which was, in fact, leaking water from one of her sippy cups through the bag and onto the floor and NOT (so, so not) my boobs, which don't even produce milk anymore. Thankfully, we both looked at  each other and burst into laughter. Then, I turned about 8 shades of red and almost died of embarrassment.  Then we laughed some more.  (We laughed so loud Nate grabbed my arm and loudly whispered "BE QUIET MOMMY!" like a little angsty teenager.)  I think my face might be flushing right now as I tell you... followed by some more (only slightly deranged) laughter and maybe some more blushing.  Clearly, more sleep is needed.  JAYSUS.  


Aubrey said...

Hilarious! Interestingly, I've done exactly the same thing (but when I was nursing and at least COULD have potentially been leaking from the boobal region). Who would have thought that was such a common misunderstanding?!

brooke knight said...

love it. that is like, a totally normal reaction.

Jax said...

LOL! That's fantastic! Thankfully it was with a teacher who "got it" and not some random person at the mall or something...haha! Oh sheez.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is hilarious. Glad you were able to laugh about it.