we have made it to day 19

For this week's Get Out of February Free activity we made mud pies. My child, who for the most part doesn't mind getting dirty, OBJECTED to touching the dirt (we had to water it to make mud).   I insisted he do so and provided him with some latex gloves (which we somehow have a whole box of - either from Nora's birth or from an emergency grocery store trip after the last time I got jalapeno juice in my eye... I can't remember). 

Anyway, all systems GO.   MUD PIES!! 

NK had less fear of the mud and dirt and put a big spoonful in her mouth. 
We dropped the gloves after a while:
So some one else had to try them out...

Together, busy at work...

The activity didn't last QUITE as long as I had hoped.  HOWEVER we then spent the next hour filling latex gloves with water, tying them up like balloons and throwing them at things to make them burst.   Now THAT was good times.

We are getting close, friends!  (To the end of February!)