we have made it to day ten


New, fun profile pic.

It was really FREAKING cold that day.  

(Thanks, as always, to the lovely and talented Christen Byrd for the photos.)

Photo for a little project Amanda and I have been working on (in our spare time!).  We are working on getting, like, words and photos on this site by March 1.  HOLD YOUR BREATH PEOPLE.  We have four kids, two husbands, three pets and four part time jobs (and some volunteer work here and there) between us.   

This is Amanda.  She's nice. 

We spend a lot of time saying (and emailing and texting), "We should do this!  NO!  We should do THIS!" 

You can totally tell we are freezing our asses off, right?

Karl also has a little project he has been working on as well.  You might notice they are related; we have a lot of cross-over consulting going on over here.  You know, again, in our spare time.  It's like, "Hey, can you change the baby's diaper? And, also do you like this image?  Can you help me write a product blurb/edit this image/build a launchpage/create a Facebook post? Oh, and don't forget to pick up Nate at 4:30 from your mom."    


(We will, uh, sleep when we're dead, yeah?) 

We have no idea what we are doing but it is FUN.  


melissa said...

ZOMG - let's have it done before march 1 so i can find out what it is ;) xoxo

melissa said...
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Jax said...

You're too cute, friend. And I can't believe we're already on day 10. So far, so good. Let's just push on the accelerator and slide right on into March...

Kate said...

Look at YOU!

I have no idea what you're doing, either, but it looks FUN! Go go go!