we've made it to day six

So, it's six days into the dreaded month of February and we're all ALIVE AND WELL.

Day 1 started with a funeral (a sweet neighbor) so that wasn't so good.

But, since then, we've all been healthy (it's a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE... one month later) and (relatively?) happy!

We even did some grooming!  (When you spend two weeks in pajama pants with small people coughing and sneezing all over you, grooming takes a back seat.   You should see my eyebrows.  They are still not recovered.)  

Nate's hair was OUT OF CONTROL in his eyes so we took him to get a cut and the stylist (do they get that title at the kiddo salon?) convinced us to get NK's mull trimmed as well.  We opted OUT of the first haircut package that comes with a commemorative lock of hair (I find this creepy).  For the record,  I have trimmed the back of her hair a few times but this was her first official cut - complete with clips and a blow dry.  Fancy, right?    

Let the H2T (head to toe) posing commence:

 Here's the back?  What do you think?  A little Twiggy-esque? 
 Moving right along....