requiste bunny love

Here are our requisite rainy Easter 2013 photos.  YOU ARE WELCOME!

Oh, and meet Harvey - he's quite the prim and proper bunny rabbit gentlemen.. He keeps his legs properly crossed and reclines just enough to look like he's ready for a front porch heart to heart.  He just might put his arm around you. I think Harvey sort of channels Mr. Rodgers cardi & sneakers with his patterned vest and bowtie, don't you? Don't you want to be Harvey's neighbor?!

Here's the only family photo we got. It seems right. No one looking (but Harvey!! AHHH!) and NK refusing the photo despite coaxing from all of us.  

Like the heathens that we are, we didn't make it to a mass (or a service or whatever your church calls it), but we DID manage to put on Easter outfits (well, on the kiddos anyway) and conduct a family egg hunt and lunch. Since our little church closed last November, we haven't quite been able to bring ourselves to find somewhere new.