Opening Day Yo :: In So Many Ways

So, right, baseball season. It is time. You KNOW you are all excited. Yesterday was such a great baseball day.

Started with rainboots and Cardinals socks.
Transitioned to my trusty Cardinals flippy floppys that afternoon and took Nate to tee-ball practice.

His team name?

Wait for it.


Like, the real ones.  Like, be still my heart HOW DID WE GET SO LUCKY!?!?


It's the little things, right?

You guys. He was SO excited. (I definitely wasn't AT ALL.) We won't talk about how parent participation was requested and there was not one single mom on the field (myself included b/c I was on that playground you see back there with Nora Kate... but I will be at some point. I hope at least one other mama will as well? Is that weird/judgy?  You don't actually have to know anything about baseball to get out there!). We also won't talk about how they play with soft (like not t-ball soft but actual like softie balls; it's very strange). I don't understand how this is helpful and his t-ball league last year played with normal t-balls but WHATEVER. 

Nate seemed to like EVERYTHING and the games are MUCH closer to home than the league we tried last spring so we'll go with it.

He's #5 ala former Cardinal extraordinaire Albert Pujols.  So, that means he gets to play first and hit lots of homers, right? I think YES.

THIS is what happened after practice. Nora Kate is REALLY into wearing Nate's clothes these days, uniforms included. This might be her most ridiculous photo ever.

The REAL MLB Cardinals had their Opening Game that evening and I fell asleep on the couch to the sound of the game in the background.


Now that's a happy day. 


Andrea said...

Cardinals game 4/12/13 - ill be there!! :). I'll drink an overpriced Budweiser in your honor.

sdhorton said...

Yay on Nate being a Cardinal!!! Nash's league is doing college teams and we are on...wait for it....THE RAZORBACKS!!!! :)

katandkarl said...

@Andrea - beer and baseball = my favorite things!!

@Shan - !!!! That's so awesome!

The Photo Goo said...

They're so stinkin' cute :)

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