guns :: #boymom moment 4,567

So here's now I feel about guns: NO.

That's basically it.

I've never held one or shot one or had any desire whatsover to own one and am pretty sure I never will.  I do not want them in my house. Those are my facts.

My husband, on the other hand, received a gun as a baptismal gift (like a 22, in his crib... LOADED...that's how I imagine it anyway) from his godparents. He also has done a significant amount of hunting in his life and feels like guns can be respected and used safely.

So we're not exactly on the same page.

(But, either way, we can all admit there are gun issues in our country, right?)

(Don't answer that; this post is about to get funnier and un-political so don't get your panties, um, all twisted? Up in a wad?  What is it that people say about panties?)

Here's the thing: we have a little boy who luvva the guns. Well, (clearly) the fake guns - nerf style and Star Wars guns and the light sabers and swords and pretend bombs and ALL THE VIOLENT THINGS.  We have some in our home.  (You guys. He LOVES them.) It's a struggle for me. I try to let it go, reminding myself he is FOUR and will get past this phase and to just let him play and NOT be disturbed when he tries to dismember family members.  GUNS.  Ugh.

ANYWAY.  Last week, he had a friend over.  It was a drop off playdate with a sweet little boy from his class and soccer team, Andrew.  This was Andrew's first time to our house and the boys immediately ran off inside while I talked to his mom (who has also never been to our house) in the driveway. Fast forward five minutes and they come tearing out of the house yelling about how "The drawer fell out! The drawer fell out!" (And it took me ENTIRELY too long to realize they were NOT saying 'The droid fell out! The droid fell out!' - #boymom moment.).

So, I asked what any normal person would: "Where?"


Insert look of horror on my face and PROFUSE explanations to his friend's mom about how we have no guns in the house and DEFINITELY none in his dresser in his room!  (We do keep all his toy guns and swords and dress up clothes in one of his bottom drawers.)

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Amazingly, Andrew's mom let him stay and play and, thankfully, they both made it out of the afternoon alive.  In fact, they were more interested in wrestling and racing that afternoon than playing with toy guns. Maybe THE TOY GUN phase is on it's way out?  (Yeah, right.)


Ashley said...

I am terrified of the gun-obsessed phase. It helps to see how you handle it, as Lee takes the same stance as Karl. I think, as long as I can still restrict video games with guns, I'll be okay with the toy ones.

katandkarl said...

@Ash - yes so far we've tried to stick to Lego video games b/c 1. they're awesome and 2. the little lego guys burst into pieces when they die, which somehow (irrational or not!) makes me feel better.

Aduke Schulist said...

Ive completely changed my view on guns. I used to be all out NO and wouldnt even let my kids play with toy guns but now Im wanting to get one (long story)..

I still dont let my kids own any toy guns but they are allowed to play video games with them. They know what is appropriate and not and I think thats important.

Aubrey said...

Your vision of Karl's baptismal gift made me laugh out loud. And if I were a the betting type (which I'm not) I would put money on Andrew having a gun drawer at his house too. That's how people roll down south - you St Louis yankees just don't get it. :)

That being said, I come from a gun-free household (in Oklahoma...that's right, we were one of exactly 47 gun-free households in the entire state) and hope to maintain a gun-free household for the rest of my life.

The little boy gun thing freaks me out beyond belief. I like to think I would cope as well as you! Karl will educate Nate on firearm safety when the time comes and he will be a conscientious member of society advocating appropriate gun legislation and usage. In the meantime, stay strong, my Lego-blasting friend!

Kate said...

loved this post - made me laugh out loud, so thank you! : )
I'm kinda like you with the gun stuff. There's just something about pretend violence that freaks me out more than all the pretend weddings and pretend surgeries and pretend princess fairies and pretend cooking going on in our house, so I gotta figure out how to relax about that.