Some Things You Can't Predict

This Memorial Day we celebrated with some neighbors - standard 'Merica style - barbeque, beer, baby jeggings, YARD GAMES, a few illegal fireworks, you know, the usual.

Nora Kate had a particular affinity for this swing hanging from a tree in the neighbor's backyard. She must have swung on it for upward of thirty minutes, to the delight of everyone as she giggled the whole time she was up there. She only relinquished her position because Nate requested a turn. He took his turn and they both lost interest and continued running and playing whilst the adults sat down to eat.

Not 10 minutes late, one of our neighbors (who is 17) hopped on the swing and the branch holding the swing snapped and came crashing down, landing on no one, which was a small miracle as there was a table full of people and a standing toddler beneath the very same tree. The branch (literally) landed like six inches from Nora Kate. It happened so fast that no one could move and nothing could have been done. She barely noticed the commotion. All was well and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. I'm pretty sure in the aftermath every adult there picked her up or patted her on the head or arm or SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY touched her, just to reassure themselves and her she was unharmed.

To be honest, I don't think the reality of the could-have-been hit me until I woke up in the middle of the night having a mild anxiety attack about the whole thing. I don't often write about these incidents (several trips to the ER with Nate, one worse than the other two and one when Nora Kate was a month old and I couldn't even go.). I just sometimes can't get over the fact that no matter how much you plan, or how laid back or uptight you are, no matter how many books you read or how perfectly you strap in your car seat EVERY. SINGLE. TIME., something, somewhere, somehow can still hurt your precious little babies.

Mostly, I try not to be an anxious mama but. please believe I have rocked that sweet girl to bed every night since. Hope you all had a wonderful (and safe!) holiday weekend.  Back to it, yes?  With less falling trees!


melissa said...

OH HONEY! so glad she's all right - and you're understandably shaken about it. thank goodness it didn't get her!!! love you (all of you!) - xoxox

Aubrey said...

Holy schnikes. I'm so glad NK is A-OK.

But on a totally different tangent, WHEN did she start looking so freaking grown up?! The idea of your baby looking like a 6-year-old kills me almost as much as the idea of a tree falling on her. And yes, I know exactly how totally messed up that sounds.

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