Sometimes It's the Littlest of Things


Like, last week he had to use a fork to open the cabinet doors.

This week, not so much.  Am I only the only one who feels a little pinprick to the heart when realizing silly little things like this? 

Life = WARP SPEED.  


Aubrey said...

I feel like I live EVERY DAY totting up little bittersweet realizations just like that! You could not have timed this post more perfectly for this hormone-ravaged mama. Tomorrow is Kate's birthday, which means this is my last day with a three-year-old Kate-mo.

So. Much. Emotion.

brooke knight said...

Not the only one at all. Some days P wakes up and I'm like "WHY ARE YOUR PAJAMAS SHORTER?"

Sarah said...

how old is he now? my gosh, he grows! he grows! he so beautiful. and bitter sweet for you, mama - i know :)

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Darren Demers said...

how old is he now? my gosh, he grows! he grows! he so beautiful. and bitter sweet for you, mama - i know :)
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