Survival Mode :: A Post About Socks

You guys.


Here is a list of the things I want to blog about:

  • The New House (and how, one month later, I still can't seem to figure out where anything goes! And I want to PAINT IT ALL even though I said no painting for six months.)
  • Nate's 1st Day of Kindergarten (!!!) 
  • My recent girly trip to Chicagoland 
  • Our 8 year wedding anniversary (WHICH IS TODAY!)
  • Our upcoming trip to San Fran (sans children)
  • Fall Soccer Coaching - it's happening.
HOWEVER, after my one month hiatus THIS is what I am going to blog about instead: 

Why yes, this is a photo of a laundry basket full of socks. It's currently in my living room and it makes me IRRATIONALLY happy. I (apparently) no longer have time to separate socks - just can't be bothered. So I started throwing them all in the same bin and, you guys, I have no idea why but I feel like this saves me HOURS of time. Hours.

And I know the whole thing is ridiculous but I love this GD sock bin and I'm never going back to separating them.  Ever. 

TAKE THAT, laundry gods. 

Survival mode from moving and starting school is still in full effect. Can you tell?  ;)



clif, somer, vivian, bauer & frances said...

Instituted this policy in 2004. Best. Decision. Ever!!! Miss you, friend...

Kate said...

been worrying about you, friend, b/c you weren't blogging, and I KNEW it must be from the move, b/c I KNOW how much moving SUUUUUUCKS. Ugh. I am so sick of it.
Trying not to be too bummed that you came to Chicago and didn't choose to hunt me down, but I hope you had a fun girls' trip anyway!
Perhaps someday we shall meet in real life. : )
Hang in there. God, moving sucks. Have I mentioned that lately?

katandkarl said...

@somer - yes. this is why we're friends.

@kate - I know. Please don't hate me - it was a bachlorette shindig and we were in touristland chi town (& also spent some significant time in boystown!). Good news is I might be back next Spring! And by then both of us will be (theoretically) out of moving hell, right?