Jennifer heads to Little Rock for work and play!

yea for jenny coming in town! i am so excited! she is coming to hang out with us and to work a little (and when i say work i mean we are going to PF Chang's! so she can meet with the manager and we can eat yummy pf chang food...jenny = regional sales mgr, bosten beer co.)

we are also going to watch
SAY ANYTHING this weekend because jenny has never seen it and that is just sad.

AND maybe karl will finish our fence this weekend!

our lives are so exciting!
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Elizabeth Spann said...

Hooray! We will have to do something fun to entertain Jenny. I'm in.
By the way, I took a quiz to see which John Cusack movie I am, and I was totally "Say Anything." I'm not sure which aspect of my personality makes me a movie, but I flippin' love that movie. And that John Cusack. Sigh. Lloyd Dobler is the coolest.

emily and eric said...

i don't think that i have seen that movie either... what's it about??

the gloria family said...

geez, i can't believe there are people who haven't seen it. it is great. it's the one where he holds up that boom box over his head to win her back. movies with boom boxes are cool. by the way...i'm up for something fun this weekend too.

Susan said...

I have Karl's Staffmark ID tag. LT found it in the parking lot. He might be needing that. Call me.

Leah Billings said...

No kidding about that movie. It is one of the top ten best romance movies...and I too would benefit from a good dose of fun this weekend.

Angela said...

i like jenny & her shirt!

Susan said...

I have passed the ID tag off to Audra. I repeat it is out of my possession.

P.S. I haven't seen the movie either!

Jax said...

I like the humanzee pics..very nice..very nice! Have fun this weekend!! :)

brooke knight said...

hhahahaha humanzee. i have somehow never seen that movie either. we used to pass by it at the blockbuster and i would ask p if we could see it and he would never be into it. i might have to shove it down his throat this weekend....he owes me so many chick flicks it's rediculous. boo for me not being able to come. SOOOOON!

Anonymous said...

1) John Cusack = awesome
2) Im not Gay
3) Kat you should have blurred jenny's shirt because I find it highly offensive
4) Sorry I have been MIA lately, work sucks
5) Say Anything is a classic and its not a chick flick
6) High Fidelity though, is John Cusack's finest work

Lauryl Lane said...

is jenny wearing a BUSH tshirt? she's such a fag... lol, I LOVE JENNY BARROW AND ASS-SEX LESSONS! btw, since you don't have a job, kat, i totally expect you to come to t-town for my shower this weekend... can't wait to see you! ;) xox

brooke knight said...

i CONCUR on the high fidelity. i could watch that movie just about every other day. that would be good with me. plus, JB is my boyfriend. for real.

the gloria family said...

oohh i love high fidelity. great flick. by the way, we miss you matt.

Carol said...

Alright, I have to say I happen to LOVE Jenny's shirt!!! And all you wankers that don't dig it can just deal! ;) Oh and any John Cusack movies rocks hard core in my book! There is actually a new one coming out sometime soon. AND oh yeah I will probably be seeing it. Because John Cusack is soooo cool! One of the top faves of his collection would be Grosse Point Blank...oh yeah a little bizarre but great movie none the less.

Anonymous said...

I miss you to, Julia Gulia!
I mean Kristen

And yes Grosse Point Blank is in the top 3 John Cusack movies, possibly tied with HIgh Fidelity for numero uno

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