baby or ipod: you make the call

so one thing i find a little (lot) crazytown:

with karl's insurance (which is pretty fabulous) this is what we have to pay in medical costs for baby:

One co-pay for ALL my doc visits: $15
One co-pay for the hospital: estimated b/w $200-$250 dollars. (not sure what drugs that covers)

so, essentially, it will cost less for prenatal care and to birth my child than to purchase an ipod nano.

that's a little (lot) messed up.

have a good weekend. i am going to smoke crack while jumping on a trampoline. (both on the list of no-no's for pregnant women.)

14 weeks.


Sarah said...

Gosh you have FABULOUS insurance. I've checked on mine and I think it will at least cost a grand--and I'm with the state, my friend.

1) love that your pants are buttoned with a hair tie. i passed the maternity section at target yesterday and actually thought about you wearing your regular clothes for as long as possible. i would.
2) while you are smoking crack and jumping on the trampoline you should contemplate getting the old slip and slide out as well.
3)speaking of music, are you playing lots for baby? and reading to him in between crack parties? (yes, i said "him").

Lauryl Lane said...

lol... that is insane. but think if you didn't have insurance (as i don't right now)... your baby would probably cost you in the neighborhood of $10,000. that is why i am scared of babies. for reals. but i am glad yours is going to be a cheap baby. i mean, an inexpensive baby. ack. you know what i mean. ;) is jumping on the trampoline really bad when you are only at the end of your first trimester? there aren't any brains to get muddled up yet, are there? i guess you need to be doing your job and telling us what has developed thus far with this baby!

melissa said...

I agree with above comment...what does Baby Hills have? Do you have a special book? That is awesome insurance...but definately crazy that your baby will be less expensive than an Ipod...pre-diapers that is :)

You'll be changing diapers...I don't think this has really hit me yet!

Jennifer said...

That is exactly what my insurance is.....Jeff and Karl have great insurance. I just need to get to the preggo part and we will be all set. Love you

Susan said...

Ours was much more...of course C-sections are.
And, I've had a revelation and am changing my prediction that I was so sure about....it's a BOY. I only teetered cause I haven't actually SEEN you in person to really get the feel.
P.S. Bouncing gently on an exercise ball helps induce labor...wait til you're 9 months though!

Nanna said...

Matt went with the ipod nano.

He's made it safely to Singapore. Just sent us a short text!

Congrats on the wee one. You are going to have so much fun!

the day's said...

first of all CONGRATS!! you look amazing! i don't look a tenth that skinny and i am fourth months POST- partum. secondly, enjoy your crack party while you can...and do some ol' fashion jumpin' if you wanna...i went to the jump zone with vivian when i was 38 weeks pregnant with bauer and nada (no labor no nothing)...so enjoy!!! :) ooooh, and as i tell ALL preggos....sleep sleep sleep and puhhhhleeeeeease see all the movies you ever want to at the movie theater. otherwise, sit back, relax, and get ready for the greatest and most rewarding gift of your life!! :)

Elizabeth Spann said...

I think you should go ahead and spring for the Ipod AND the baby. Live a little! ;)

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