belly pics for now, weekend pics later!

jackie was here. caitlin was here. jennifer lenore was here. brooke was here. sarah was here. it still seems surreal they were all here. in my house. and now are gone. it makes me sad we all live so far (well, relatively far). i feel like not enough time was captured together. however, i will take it and appreciate it and cherish it. i don't think we had all been together (ALL TOGETHER) since the seven-year itch party (celebrating seven years of friendship last year)? thankfully, jackie took pictures!! i can't believe i didn't. it makes me sad. i will steal some from her and post at a later date. mostly, we just hung out. and chatted. (and ate! well, some of us ate and drank.) it felt familiar. i liked it. old friends are great and i am happy we all keep in touch and make the effort. i got to hear lots of 'you totally look preggo' from people who are familiar with my body shape/size. plus, helps they got to see me in tanks and barebellied - we aren't so much a modest bunch. ono got lots of belly loving. i know some pregnant woman are sensitive about other people touching their bellies, but i say bring it on. i am open like that and want my baby to get lots of love from lots of friends and family. and even strangers. before he or she is born. so, if you feel the urge to give a little pat, go for it. i won't mind.

karl completed his 20 mile run on saturday morning! shorter runs and the countdown to the marathon begins!

today is my cousin bridget's birthday. i miss her dearly. if i didn't have to work, i would go spend a week with her to celebrate. :)

i am feeling very lovey dovey today. again, i wait till sunday night to post the belly pics so the weekend FOOOD has had a chance to settle in and make me look extra pregnant. don't think i will need this crutch much longer!

i think i am going to go ahead and open the baby pool. it is totally too early, but whatever.
unlimited guessing. (however, each guess = $1.)
HERE IS A LINK to the pool.
You can submit your guesses online. Um, not sure how it is going to work exactly with the gathering of the cash money. Just think about it. I will bring it to all my showers. I don't know. Suggestions? You can mail it to me? I will tally the total on the site so you know how much you might win! you can ask me any questions you would like before you submit your guess.

19 weeks, 2 days


Stacia said...

What is the due date your doc gave you?

kristen said...

you are looking very preggo lady

Anonymous said...

What about August??? I think this might be a looooong pregnancy!!!!!

Maria said...

Definitely a pregnant belly! And a cute one at that! :)

katandkarl said...

july 5 is official doc due date.

Lauryl Lane said...

i love it! it is getting bigger and bigger all the time. also, you and all the other girlies live CLOSE to each other, it is sad me who lives far away. i am glad you all had fun and jealous that i couldn't be there. *muah*

Stacia said...

I submitted a few ...need to pay up!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Lookin' gooooooooooooood, lady friend! ;)
I need some Kat time real real soon!!

nene P said...

I need to send $... email your address to me. July 9 is Ryan's bday.
Penny--- Ryan and Lance's mom