Decision 08: Kat's Baby Pool

the famous green tank for belly pics comingatcha this monday morning. (or maybe you are viewing them sunday night or whenever depending on when you check blogs!) the first pic is normal; the second pic is how i feel today. i know it's ugly but i feel a little ugly. i may or may not have cried this evening for 45 minutes because we didn't have enough butter for dinner making.

still no "stranger comments", but i think i look bigger than prior pictures, right? i am sticking it out best i can for you. i did break down and buy some "nice" maternity pants for work - the two pairs i have (one jeans, one brown slacks) just weren't cutting it. alternating two bottoms for weeks is a little sad, so i bought a nice pair of black slacks and some gray pants. i spent way too much money (which makes me angry) but hopefully they will last me through july. pants shopping isn't fun for short girls (even us short girls with "long" legs!) preggo or not.

additionally, it may not garner the same coverage as the election, BUT you know you all want to participate. The Hills Baby Pool will officially open on Friday, Feb 15. (that will be my 20 week point which equals half way.) You will guess the following information: Sex, Date, Time. The rules will be: if you guess the sex wrong, you are out. The winner (who will TAKE ALL) will be the closest time and date with the correct sex. Bets will be $1. Karl and I are working on a fun tracking method (read: something techy/webby!). Guessing will be available via email, but no guess is official without your cash $. (i guess if i won't SEE you, you can send via snail mail; i don't think pay pal is worth it for one dollar.) Pool will be in attendance at all showers and parties from here until July (maybe June?!?!) so you have plenty of time to decide. I'm guessing Baby Hills will get about 100 guesses, so, really, it is a good payout. $1 for $100. then you can buy Baby Hills something real nice. (HA! Kidding, the money will be all yours.) Start your engines, you can put your early suggestions in comments, but official bets won't be taken until the 15th.

karl and i spent a quiet weekend at home. shocking. i, selfishly, will be glad when the marathon is OVER so we can have our saturdays back! we ate 'the italian couple' saturday evening and i must say, it was awesome. i know it got some crap reviews around town when it first opened, but it was YUM YUM YUM last night. and BUSY.

today, i am thankful to be feeling good - albeit a little over-emotional - and that the giants beat the stupid patriots. on to march madness i say. (much more exciting!)

18 weeks, 2 days


Lauryl Lane said...

i think you are the cutest pregnant lady ever. officially. but i do want to see you in some super-adorable maternity dresses with leggings or something. ;)

Bridget & Brian said...

Hey baby and baby. Can we have a 6 for five dollars? Also when will you be closing the polls?

Elizabeth Spann said...

Wow- gambling on baby Hills- now THIS will be fun! I am totally in. ;) I will pay my dollar soon! Hee, hee. You look maaaaarvelous, darling!

Jennifer said...

you look beautiful! Love you and I am ready to win this thing.....

brooke knight said...

ack! the pressure! i am glad i have a bit longer to decide!

Jax said...

I cant WAIT to see you...and take belly photos with my mouth open (my typical pose) while pointing at the belly. Yes, I shall do this. Also, you look adorable...and I must start thinking about the baby pool. However, I think my bet will likely be my birthday...b/c it's a damn good day for me so why not for little Ono. ;)

Susan said...

The Italian Couple? What's this, a new restaurant? Let's go...again for you..for teh first time for me. I need to add it to my critique book.

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