who wants to pole dance?!?!?!

MAY DAY MAY DAY! the may pole dance, may crowning (catholic celebration of crowning Mary), celebration of laborers in some countries - what the heck do you think of when you think of MAY?

i can't believe it is May. I feel like I was in Mexico just yesterday. (um, yea, November. and I miss it.) life has been busy catching up to me lately and knocking me down! I have been feeling a little whelmed.

it's cool though. my dear friend and co-worker alissa just brought me hardees hashbrowns for breakfast so all is right with the world for the moment. (yum yum yum. i am desperately hungry today!)

let's see. i don't even have a synopsis really of the "going ons" in the Hills Household. Karl has been working an insane amount of hours, we had some family in town (his), jenny was here for work, ANTM hung a black cloud over my head last night (thanks a lot tyra!).

i go to the doc in two weeks (little less) and then i start going ALL THE TIME. my boss seems to forget that July 4 is at the BEGINNING OF THE MONTH and i could quite possibly start my leave in June. Or, you know, just take some half days because i am tired from growing a person. I still hold strong to my "i want to work as long as i can" statement and I might even be OVERDUE, HOWEVER june is looking like a busy month at work and I refuse to get stressed out about it. I am BUILDING THE BUBBLE NOW!

so, what do we think about the name Nate? Not Nathan, Not Nathaniel. Just Nate. Hm. Sometimes I tell Karl he has until 5 p.m. (or one hour or whatever time constraint i put on him at the moment) to choose a name for our child if it is a boy. He usually comes back with something a little ridiculous for us (I believe Bernard was maybe the last one). Yesterday we said Grant. Today Nate. Hayes and Eliot are still in the lineup. Boy names suck. PREEEETY sure our girl names are narrowed to Bridget Kathleen and Nora Kate.

(But please don't be surprised if she comes out and we name her Tammy. And she is smoking cigarettes & guzzling beer on day 2. sorry if you know anyone named Tammy, I am sure they are very nice, but that name does give me that IMAGE!)

30 weeks, 6 days


Elizabeth Spann said...

I did NOT know that's what May Day was... I thought it was some sort of pagan Spring ritual thing... Interesting. Learn something new every day, yes?
I like Nate a lot! He sounds smart. ;) Nate might be my favorite of the boys' names...
I also like your other choices, but ummmm not Barnard. Ha.

care said...

I agree! Nate is a REALLY good one. I like Hayes and Eliot, but I like Nate Best.

kristen said...

I like Hayes the best!

Maria said...

The final push! Half days are good days. LOL! :)

Boy names... I like Grant...and Levi. Oh, that's not on your list yet... hubby axed that one for me. Leviticus/Levi.

Anonymous said...

I laughed hysterically at the whole name game plus Tammy. I totally love the name Nate...and Grant actually.. and love the girls names you picked out. Every Bridget I've known is fabulous. Just sayin.

melissa said...

What about Karl, Kat, and Clay (or Klay :)

I like good ole' southern boy names :)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...tammy..ha ha!

brooke knight said...

holy crap! i love the name nate. i think it is really cool that you are willing to share the potential names with us. very generous!

Susan said...

Bernard was my Papaw's name and is my Dad's middle. My Mamaw pronounces it "Burn-erd." I think that's an old school pronounciation or just one she's coined. She's coined lots of words. Right, Somer? However sentimental it might be, I wouldn't pass it down any further.
Nate (at work) might get a big head if you name your baby after him. hehe

Lauryl Lane said...

I like the name Grant (in spite of the ex) and I REALLY like the name Nate. Can Tammy please wear crazy makeup, too? Please?

Megan said...

Yaay for May Day! It's Minnie Pearl's birthday. Not THAT Minnie Pearl, but Minnie Pearl my cat. I like Nate and I like Grant, except I thought of Grant Hill the basketball player.

the day's said...

sorry, we nixed burn-erd, too! there is a nate in vivian's class at school and he is PRECIOUS. vivian calls him her nater-tater. :) of course i am partial to hayes because of mawmaw, but it sounds to me like ALL your boy names are good!
btw, sorry i had to run the other day...baby in car and all...

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