some things that will not be gone before baby gets here

i was thinking today about some recent purchases we have made that will DEFIN-A-TELY still be around when the baby comes. i have featured them here. it's weird to think about (i guess NOT everything will change around the house, eh? it's probably not REALLY that weird, but i think it might have taken this to make me realize how soon this thing is coming out of me. yep. soon.) UNLESS, i guess, i do over 64 loads of laundry (DOUBTFUL!!!), wash my hair 18 thousand times, my husband uses an extraordinary amount of hair gel... like A LOT (now that would be weird), or i force feed us pancakes for every meal b/w now and then.

i am including my 35 week belly picture. i love being pregnant but i am missing feeling 'normal." let's just say it is a good thing i didn't pull the 'pregnancy card' with karl early on, because let me tell you, i actually need it sometimes now! for the record, he has been great about running in stores/running errands (honestly, at this point, it is faster without me!), getting me water (or gatorade or ice to help reduce swelling!), and oh-so-much-more.

i have been working on my thank you cards for recent gifts we have received. i promise yours is either written and in the mail or will be written soon. (and now that i have typed that statement, it shall happen!) my arm is falling off. people's generosity = still overwhelming. it is hard to be personal on all of them but dangit i am trying!!!

i don't go back to the doctor until the 10th (yikes! that feels far!) because they said there is no reason for me to come before then. that is my SWAB (ew. swab is a weird word.) for GSB and my first 'internal' (pelvic exam) as they say in OB language. fun, huh? oh, yea, lots of fun starting!! i promise to try and be honest with you all about it. (without grossing you out by sharing too many of the details!)

35 weeks, 2 days


Sarah said...

oh my gosh, i cannot believe you are in your ninth month!!!!!!

Matt said...

you are looking great Kat. we are looking forward to seeing the expanded family when i'm home on leave.

melissa said...

I think like that too...I swear your belly has grown a lot since I saw you a few weeks ago! Stay strong in the home stretch!

melissa said...

p.s. I don't need a thank-you note...do something fun or lazy instead :)

Susan said...

It's a girl. I'm more positive now than ever!

Maria said...

You look great. Kind of got the matching torpedo belly. Sometimes being short stinks. :)

Maria said...

P.S. I never had anything swabbed. Ew. Oh, and I don't need a thank you card. Seeing the little one in the sling will be thanks a-plenty! :)

Sarah said...

i'm with haney and maria... forget my thank you and have a beer in my name after the baby is born...that will be thank you enough. :)

Jax said...

you look so cute!!! Please just have the baby on my birthday and I will not need a thank you card. ;) teasing, but I am SOOOO happy for you and dont need you wasting your time writing thank yous when you should be.. I dont know...doing something else. :0)

Sarah said...

you look great....

Lauryl Lane said...

you look so cute, kat. i can't believe how soon this baby is going to be here, yikes. love the thought that you'll still be using those items... too fun! ;)

brooke knight said...

you are cute. that IS an interesting way to think of some of the things that will and won't change. i love your blogging and i love you! and i can't wait to meet the little one that i will also love (and try to help spoil!) so very much.

Sarah said...

kat, this is the third time i have come to this post just to stare at your belly. each time i am whelmed with amazement!!!! i cannot get over it.

do you want me to come visit you before the baby comes or a couple weeks after?

Jennifer said...

ahhhh i love it.....i can not wait to meet little nate

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