babies don't have kneecaps.

some people are curious to how arlo and rox are getting along. pretty sure they are still a little spooked by the middle of the night crying. but overall they seem to be getting on. what do you think?

i went to the grocery store today when karl got home from work to hang with nate. i have been out a few times but not a huge amount. it was nice to get out and feel USEFUL. (and spend $! groceries are expenisvo!) (OH and i must look old and tired b/c the same cashier who asked me if i qualified for WIC a few months ago called me ma'am about 18 times tonight.) (plus i only had two gallons of milk.)

SPEAKING OF DAIRY (yum)... so far, nate doesn't seem to be allergic or have digestive issues with anything i am eating. (crossing fingers.) kim warned me that some moms who consume a lot of milk during pregnancy will have babies who don't digest dairy well. (which makes no sense to me but it doesn't appear to be an issue.)

oh and you know what else breast milk is good for? getting gunk out of baby eyes. yep. weird.

ALSO, for the record, I COMPLETELY LIED to you all and said pregnancy did not give me good hair or skin. seriously, my face is NOW broken out like a 16 year olds and my hair is disgusting. (but that hair thing could also be because i forget to take showers sometimes (a lot). it is hard to find time! aparantly also hard to find time to brush my teeth well. they are wearing some serious teeth sweaters these days. gross. sorry. (going to brush them right now!)

we told our birth story last night to three expecting ladies. everyone loved it. there were also three other moms there with stories/babies. their babies were all about 4 months old. they looked HUGE and STURDY compared to naterade. the best part (for me) was hearing their stories! (they all three went for water births - one had one and the other two labored in the water but delivered out.) it was interesting for me (because i had in my mind i would give birth standing up) that all three had an 'idea' of what position they wanted to deliver in before they went in to labor. (and all three had their baby in that position.)

they also had no fear about nursing in public. but were still very discreet and talented about it! (slings and covers and nursing tanks.) i hope i get there!

3 weeks old exactly! do we celebrate these week milestones? i have no fruit!! (i would approximate a large watermelon? what other products might one use to approximate the size of their outside baby?)


Maria said...

No knee caps and baby erections. Oh what we learn from our children!

Re: dairy-- introducing dairy products too early (and nuts and some other foods) can lead to insensitivities and allergies. I think it's weird too.

More usefulness for breastmilk-- helping to relive baby nasal congestion. Shown to help treat cancer. And coming soon to a milk bank near you, stem-cell research.

melissa said...

holy shit, your kid is beautiful. he looks ESPECIALLY handsome in that cute little onesie. : ) i miss you, kathleen. maybe the first place you take nate should be MY HOUSE. i'll call you soon. xo

melissa said...
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Chandle said...

I love love the pics with the dogs. It's great that they are getting along with the little one. I once saw a video of a dalmatian sit on a baby to get the attention off of it. I'm sure you look great, and what better time to not take showers anyway......you guys are awesome.

Jax said...

Awww.. I heard that dogs "get" the whole baby thing.. Is that true? They certainly look like they're treating Nate delicately. That's so cute.. SO CUTE! I love Nater tot. He's going to hate you for calling him that later in life, but I love it..hah!

Lauryl Lane said...

i think the dogs like him.... at least, it looks like they do! ;)

The Lada Family said...

I work with Emily and she showed me your blog. I nursed both of my girls... it just takes time to get used to doing it in public. Get a nursing cover up and use it even when you're at home. I made the mistake of not using it at home and then when I would go out (rarely) she wanted to get out from under the cover up or she'd just stare at the patterned fabric.
Funny that you said something about fruit and the size of your baby. I have a picture on my blog of Avery next to a banana. She wasn't much bigger.

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