cabinets = natural. walls = gray (squirrel. ew.). floors = tiled. countertops = um. spackeley.

it's all happening. and it's happening fast. but i wish it were faster.

more to follow. still no dishwasher, sink, or stove. (mmmm... more take out food! we do have our fridge so that's cool. still, when we snack, we snack off of various pantry items strewn throughout the house! (ex: k1: have you seen the granola bars? k2: i think they are in the office. n: waaaaaaaah!)

13 days old.


Angela said...

oooh, looking good! Is that granite or laminate counter top? It's pretty!

care said...

I like it! please show us a before picture?

also, I'm with ya on the food strewn everywhere thing. there is quite a bit sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor still stacked in boxes.

Lauryl Lane said...

wow, it's already looking good! is karl doing all the work himself? wow, that's awesome. i like to think that i'd be able to gut and re-do a kitchen, i mean, i do watch a god-awful amount of HGTV... but in reality, i don't think i'd be very good at it... ;)

melissa said...

Looks great!

Maria said...

As The Boy would say, "ni-ice!" :)

Jennifer said...

i love it

melissa said...

oooh, baby likes the floors (and i mean me, not the actual baby).

Sarah said...

OMG: I LOVE IT!!!! I'm so glad that you all are doing this for yourselves, you will feel SO GOOD when it is done!

Chandle said...

It looks awesome. David is very impressed.

Leah Billings said...

Wow! It's gonna look so different. Love the color of the tile. Good work guys!

brooke knight said...

that looks gorgeous. good job!

Leslie Robus said...

Looks great!!!

the day's said...

wow girl. you are my hero...you have survived two of life's craziest, and greatest, challenges all in only one week!! childbirth and kitchen remodel. god bless ya! :) can't wait to see the finished product!

Megan said...

Kitchen looks good. I am having falshbacks of our house renovations. I still don't have my new stove hooked up. Thank goodness for the microwave, George Foreman, and crockpot!

kristen said...

it looks awesome! you guys are crazy

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