what do YOU make important?

the word important has changed for me lately.

who is important? (not you, stupid lady in your big-ass SUV on your cell phone not using your DOESNTCOSTEXTRA blinker.)

what is important? (not you, dear laundry pile growing higher everyday. well, at least not until we run out of underwear.)

when is important? (not you, 8:00 time slot on Wed for the new cycle of ANTM. oh, wait, you, yes, nevermind, you'are, in fact, VERY important.)

where is important? (not you, silly office, after 5pm these days. Alright, fine, 4:30. i gots a baby to get home to that trumps any pending paperwork.)

and, veering in a totally different direction b/c i can't decide what is important enough to blog about today (or if i should blog at all today! i am feeling the bloggy blahs lately.)

things that annoy me in the infant world and beyond (in no particular order):

a. the newest cover of american baby. it comes to me in the mail. screen shot here.

is it a baby or a "reborns"?

1. PGD. preimplantion genetic diagnosis as a form of genetic or social selection. it was on the news tonight. the thought of parents trying to make their babies tall/short/blond/brown-eyed makes me want to vomit.

2. my inability to articulate how PGD really makes me feel b/c i don't feel like i know ENOUGH about it to truly comment. (short answer: angry. just one more way the medical community is intervening in the most natural thing EVER.)

3. my lack of commitment to doing something awesome. and the blah-ness that surrounds that. (real specific, right?) (cue: i am my worst enemy lyrics. followed by: don't cry for me argentina.) (both of which are horrible song examples but you get were i am going, right?)

b. my inbox. both personal and work email. FULLED UP. but all i want to do is take a bath and read a book.

so, i am going to do that now.

(veering again.)

every article of bedding and half of nate's clothes have been laundered in the onslaught of vomit and, um, other excretions. (see? my washing machine does work! this laundry falls in the IMPORTANT category.)

doctors appointment in the a.m.


sdhorton said...

totally agree. life is too crazy and stressful. baby takes total priority. i refuse to put my life into work or other meaningless activities regardless of the pressure to do so. when it's time to go, i'm gone.

brooke knight said...

i like your topic, love. i've been thinking about that stuff a lot lately. hope you are feeling better, mama!

melissa said...

most of what i make important changes every day. i don't think i ever really have both feet on the ground. :)

and, by the way, the designer baby thing makes me want to throw a brick through the windows of the labs that do that research. is this how pro-lifers feel about abortion?

Maria said...

I make The Boy important. It helps that he is a ton of fun lately! :)

the day's said...

maybe those weirdo crazy design-a-baby folks should just get themselves a reborn. i'm just sayin...

Lauryl Lane said...

stuff like that genetic whateveryoucallit makes me think that everyone in this world is just completely insane. and really, really creepy. sorry nater tater is still sick. have a good visit with the doc!

Susan said...

Setler Griffin 5.27.07 for Baby names

Second, picking the baby traits ticks me off. WHAT IF...you wanted blue eyes...then at age 10 your kid has to get glasses and thier vision gets worse and worse...wouldn't you wonder if it was your fault cause you messed with nature. I think God does a pretty damn good job all my his lonesome. Thank you very much.