i put the butt shot in there to change it up a bit

i know you have been dying to see some haircut pictures, right? OF COURSE YOU HAVE. (gawd... am i THAT mom? that LOOKATMYKID mom? well, so what if i am!? you know you like it.)

so, yea, the hair was cut at home and it looks okaaaay. i guess i did NOT realize how completely straight and BLONDE his hair really is and how every SINGLE snip shows up in super straight, super blonde hair. so there are a few snips that got a little too snippy and a few spots around the ear that maybe weren't snipped enough. eh, well, he's one... what does he care? it's not so horrible that i am embarrassed to take him in public. (or is it? should i be?) i will admit that it does look much better in the back - mullet be gone!

i am a bit tired today because karl and nate had a boys night last night (shockingly the majority of it was spent at Chic-Fil-A. i know you are surprised. karl's affinity for CFA knows no bounds.) i put on my big girl clothes (i am ashamed to admit the top was maternity and the jeans are WAY bigger than the ones i bought 2 months post partum. DEPRESSING but whatever... I am working on it.) anway, i hit the town last night and got home at the late, late hour of MIDNIGHT. i then proceeded to eat an entire bag of doritos (ensuring another few weeks in maternity tops!) and turned back into a pumpkin. it was a fun night but i won't be doing a repeater any time soon. i mean i BAR HOPPED people. and one of those places was a PIANO BAR. i have never liked bar hopping, well, ever. honestly, it wasn't wild or crazy at all...just a little bit of laid back, necessary fun after having nate attached to my ass for the past 6 days with me in St. Louis.


Jennifer said...

Hahaha. I only wish I could have come bar hopping with you. I think Nate's hair is adorable!

Lauryl Lane said...

hey, good job! he looks like such a clean-cut nater! i hope my boys have wavy locks so i can let them wear their hair long... but that seems unlikely. and straight hairs end up looking so stringy and gross when kept long on little boysies. oh well. glad you had a fun evening out! ;)

Ashley said...

You did it yourself?! It looks great!! I love the last pic of him :) Let him eat the sticks, they're good for growing boys.

the day's said...

now THAT'S what i'm talking about!! the cut looks great, the post makes me giggle, and the "attached to my ass" lets me know i am in good company! all is right with the world. ;)

Samantha said...

haha! so cute!

brooke knight said...

dude! his hair is super cute and i am glad you had a night out, you certainly deserved it! love and kisses and stuff,

sdhorton said...

I like the hair cut. He looks like a big boy! Makes him look older.

Sarah said...

lover, his hair looks wonderful. he looks soo soo handsome. I LOVE IT.

he looked cute before, but just even more precious now.

love the have had nate attached to my ass for the last seven days bit. or did you write that? Hmm.

Sarah said...

ps. jealous about the girls' night out.

Stacia said...

he looks like a big boy, cute cut!!
bar hoppin is fun once in a while but it wears me out since I am so old!!

melissa said...

1. those doritos were delicious and they totally hit the spot.
2. that haircut makes him look like quite the little gentleman.
3. in regards to this post's title: that's what she said.
4. people are endlessly entertained by your blog, whether or not you are "that mom."
5. xo

Amanda said...

haircut looks great! And the butt shot might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Susan said...

Good job on the hair cut. Looks good in person too. Had fun at the paper sale. I can't believe I spent approximately 4xs what you did. Who'd you go out with? I'm jealous. Yesterday I would have DIED for a girls' night out. Setler was pushing my buttons BIG time and on purpose.

nene P said...

I quit cutting the boys hair when I cut Ryan ear with the very sharp scissors and it bled and bled and bled. My hairdresser taught the boys to run if I said I had the scissor.

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