teeth: small whitish structures found in the jaws

so i know i just posted about time flying by but today TODAY was slow. very, very slow. at 2:20 p.m. i felt like DAYS and WEEKS and MONTHS had passed. nate has gotten up at 5:30 in the AM the last two days and has refused to nap like a normal baby. seriously, sometimes i believe he can function on less sleep than me. he is sleeping around 10 hours at night (sorry new mommies) (and shut the H up 12 hour sleeper mommies) so i can't complain too much but this napping business is getting ridiculous. no one year old can function a full day on a single 45 minute nap. he is drooling like crazy and won't let me too far away from him (unless of course he is making another Great Escape... you know to attempt some playtime in the toilet or to speed toward anything breakable or the dog food)...so i think there may be some new teeth on the way.

we took three walks today. three. maybe this "phase" is good for my waistline.

in honor of teeth... which seriously have to be the strangest part of being a human...i would like to post a video. please note: i just don't understand TEETH. you don't have them! now you do! (and they hurt like hell to break through) no, now, no, wait there they go (insert tooth under pillow... don't get me started on the tooth fairy - what is that? who invented that?) wait, here they come again! (insert thousands of dollars spent on dental insurance and dental work and braces and teeth cleaning products forevermore)... oh but then...wait, wait, there they go again! (insert dentures.) (do they fall out one by one?) (do you think karl will put money under my pillow when i am an old half-toothed lady?)

ANYWAY, here!


melissa said...

i love that you are so weirded out by teeth.

it's like how i feel about belly buttons.


Stacia said...

You make me laugh..funny stuff!
and ewww belly buttons are gross!

christen byrd said...

umm...I'm sure you've tried these, so just ignore me if you have...teething tablets. they're all natural, and solve the sleeping problem...usually. I don't know what's in them, but they just calm my girls down and usually they will fall asleep soon after. no nap...bad news!