self-indulgent sunday

another week begins...

things on my mind this sunday (well, things on my mind right now anyway):

1. i am REALLY sore from the slip and slide. particularly in the abdomen area. sliding headfirst down a tarp covered in dish soap and water may not be an appropriate activity for a 28 year old.

2. my mom arms are kind of hot.

3. my mom belly is not.

4. i hate flossing my teeth. it feels like such a burden. (my life is rough.)

5. i wish i had some sunflower seeds. and a coke.

6. i am excited about the upcoming MLB all star game.

7. i wish i had corn dip left over from the party yesterday. and a coke.

8. maybe i will take my morning walk up to a jog tomorrow. (ha.)

9. i am going to restart my 30 day shred (with jillian micheals!) that i did for 9 days and then discontinued (never making it past level one.)

10. clearly as i am writing these little tidbits i am both STARVING and feeling guilty about eating this late and needing to work it off.

11. i am really self-involved this sunday evening as only one of these items (#6) was not about ME. sorry.

(let's go National League!)


Erin said...

I am really sore as well and feel like I did a killer ab work out and I am pretty sure I didn't even use my ab muscles!!

Matt and Natalie said...

We have the 30 day shred too!! OMG it is a killer. I even made Matt do it with me and he was amazed at how crazy hard it works your body. We've made it to level 2 but I still have to make adjustments b/c it hurts my knees too bad.

Ashley said...

There is no age limit for slip and slide enjoyment. Oh, and I want to love on your child and squish his cute little cheekies!

Maria said...

Nater tater tot is flipping adorable. I want to love on him. :)

melissa said...

self-indulgence is necessary and not to fret over. you deserve it.


Andrea said...

What? What is this you speak of? WHAT IS CORN DIP and WHY MUST I HAVE IT NOW?!? Sorry for the yelling, I am excited. Off to google said corn dip and pick up some Coke at the grocery store. Way to make a pregnant lady crave, Kat. :)

Jennifer said...

Pictures like that just make me smile.

Susan said...

Love the soccer ball shirt!
Ironically, Seth and I decided that if I have a birthday bash this August, there will definitely be a slip-n-slide. We saw one on a CMT video and thought it'd be fun as adults...with lots of alcohol of coruse. Can't believe you beat me to it.
I ran Monday for the first time in forever and did some lunges and dips. I'm so sore. Getting up and down off the toilet is the worst.

Lauryl Lane said...

oh my god i can't believe how big he is getting! and ps, i hate flossing, too!