Requisite Post Turkey Day Pictures

I took a little blogging hiatus to fully concentrate on our mini-break. Karl and Nate and I headed to St. Louis on Wednesday to spend time with my family. Here are a few snapshots from the day - our total people count was 29 people (plus two in utero...so 31?) The food, of course, was delish and the company, of course, amazing. Pretty sure I put on a couple pounds! We aren't sure when we will get back to St. Louis so we were trying to make the most of it! I think it was the first holiday in a long time that EVERYONE was there. No sick babies, no sick adults.

This is what used to be the "kids" table (and maybe still is in the eyes of the "adults"). Now most of us have spouses and kids of our own.
An attempt at a group shot:
the family patriarch, sleeping through the chaos:

the little females of the family love karl, particularly this one, wendy. i like to think she is thinking "stop looking at my man" while this shot was captured.
However, on Friday night I started feeling crummy; must have caught something because I am unable to breathe out of my left nostril and have THE MOST ANNOYING COUGH EVER.
I’ve been hopped up on Benydryl (it has the opposite effect on me; I get hyper!) since then. I was also super jealous of Karl’s night out with new baby Kelsey. I was too snotty and didn’t feel comfortable being around a newborn – I would never forgive myself if she got sickly. Plus, I woulda cut someone if they had come over sick to see Nate when he was that little… so, VERY SADLY, I stayed at home with my parents. LOOK HOW CUTE and WEETLE:


sdhorton said...

how funny. that little girl looks so like she could be thinking that. cute. also Karl looks quite happy holding the itty bitty one. sorry you don't feel well but glad you had a good time. way to go on taking more pics!

Aubrey said...

Karl DOES look good holding that wee one! How's the fevah, friend? :)

melissa said...

horan fam --- you are adorable.

feel better, bug. xoxo

Stacia said...

Maybe Jacob could come hang out with you...heh as the same stuff, yuk!
Feel better soon!

Richmond Rookie said...

Thanks for the requisite (we don't think of it that way). What a delight! Hope you feel better soon. xo

Anonymous said...

Love the family pics! So glad everyone could make it. We have so much to be thankful for.

The new baby is so tiny and cute.

Love, Aunt Jayne

Ashley said...

You can tell that Karl wants another baby just by the look on his face in that last one :) I can't imagine having holidays with that many people! It would be awesome! This year, we had 7 people, haha! Plus one in utero, so 7.5?

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