a bit of a doozy

Source: Pintrest (OF COURSE I'm on Pintrest; don't be silly!) via Tumblr but I can't find the specific designer so if you know this print and its creator please email me so I can credit them?  For the moment, THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE!  That makes it legal to share, right?  Ahem.  Geez, Internet.  STOP BEING SO DIFFICULT.) 
Hey friends.

Last week was a long week, right?  Like possibly the longest week ever?  No, not in your world?   

The short version: It started out okay with Halloween and CANDY and friend visits and then started downhill sliding and DID NOT STOP!  Nate had a respiratory infection (croup: his third bout with it and, thankfully, an illness most kids outgrow by 5 or 6.).  Karl had an insanely busy and stress-filled week at work (Karl also slept upright in a chair with Nate for two nights).   Me?  Mastitis.  (Which is a breast infection that causes pain and FEVER (the real kind).  I won't go into much detail about except to say it's miserable.  I even, after laying in bed shivering and maybe crying just a littlelot, called my doctor for some drugs.  Thank you God for antibiotics.  For me.  And (more so) for Nate.  (Even if he did throw up multiple doses and act like a crazy person whilst taking them.)  Through it all, Nora Kate has been the easiest and least problematic of all of us...just cruising along and growing like a weed.  (Oh, did I not mention we hit the baby jackpot with this one?!  Because we totally did.)

Nate asleep amongst the humidifier steam.  Those pillows are for safety purposes in case he rolled off the couch.
Don't judge me; at that point it had been like two days since he slept. 

Needless to say, it was definitely not the BEST WEEK EVER! But that's okay and I want to remember that it happened and that we survived.  (Perhaps someday I might even find it amusing.  Well, mildly amusing in a nostalgic-thank-god-i-never-have-to-do-that-again kind of way anyway.)

I'm sure anyone reading this could come up with a list of complaints about what's been going on lately.  I know it's been a week of rough stuff for many people near and dear to me.  Just in my little world I have friends and family dealing with the uncomfortable ends of their pregnancies, friends in the midst of moving, friends taking care of or saying goodbye to grandparents, friends dealing with job changes and losses, friends going through divorce, PLENTY of friends battling kiddo illnesses and ailments - hellllooooo fall - or illnesses or ailments of their own.

I honestly don't really know where I'm going with this post (and am going to wrap it up all awkward like right now!)  but I wanted to put it out there because this silly little poster spoke to me and reminded me to play nice.  

Join me?  

If you need to share your battle week (past, present or future) in the comments, feel free. 


Amy B. said...

Hope everyone's feeling better soon.

But really, I'm just looking at your bookshelves. Is that a set of encyclopedias I spy? So retro cool...

katandkarl said...

Yes on the encyclopedias. They are actually, um, fun and sometimes hilarious to flip through. I so remember learning to use encyclopedias in school - do kids still get to do that or do they just google everything?

sdhorton said...

I have heard Mastitis is no joke. Hope you are better. And as you know I'm the one with the tough end of pregnancy problems. Love the saying... It's very true!

brooke knight said...

I'm at a conference with my Student Council students all weekend and thinking positive and accepting things you can't change and working on those you can has been a big part of the message- and I needed to hear it JUST as much as the students did! Hang in there, love!

Andrea said...

2 year molars.

Terrible twos.

2 Rainy cold days = no out door day, CRUCIAL FOR OUR WELLBEING.

Ass end of an ear infection for the terrible two-er.

Feeling better already, glad that week is over. Word to the Mom.

Maria said...

Mine wasn't so rough, but that's only because I was in a hotel in Dallas while Kevin had to deal with a growing (it has to be the problem since he is sleeping 12+ hours a day...up from his usual 10) cranky four year old.

P.S. I am judging, but only because I wouldn't have put the pillows there. I occasionally don't even push the coffee table back. Knock on wood, the boy has only fallen off once.

Panamamama said...

Love the quote. What I'm always trying to tell my kids.

Kelli said...

I'm stilly trying to ignore the fact that my landlord STILL hasn't gotten a building permit yet and I haven't looked at our bank account because I'm too scared of what that balance is after being unemployed for six months.
I quoted that same thing a week ago to someone. I think it's very true. It's really easy to see our own problems and know how hard our own lives can be, but we forget that maybe the person next to us is going through something different but equally hard.
Nice reminder.

John said...

2Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. 4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 5If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.

James 1 2-5

melissa said...

xo. that's it. :)

Eve said...

Hope this week is going better for your family! Mastitis is no joke! I had it when Hank was tiny. The things they don't tell new moms! NK is so precious! I am so pleased to hear that she is treating you so sweetly. Can Nate breathe again?

Katie Justice said...

I had mastitis and I feel your pain...it was awful!!!!! Hope you feel better.

Kate said...

OOOOOOOUCH!!!! You have every right to complain. I've only ever had clogged ducts before (bad enough in my book!), not mastitis. Yikes.

Check out this description, it may make you feel better about needing to complain!: http://dooce.com/2009/07/06/where-am-i

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