today :: on running

I wore my Linda and Libby 10K shirt today, in honor of the victims and the runners of the Boston Marathon and in defiance of the bomb and bombers.

Tomorrow, I will wear my Run Like Robot 5K shirt.

The day after? My 'Grandma Pat' Race for the Cure shirt. 

The day after that? My LR Marathon medal.  I shall wear it to work.

The day after that one?  My Dino Dash t-shirt from my epic 54-minute-35-weeks-pregnant 5K.  

I have raced in MANY races. I have MANY t-shirts.  (Solidified wardrobe selection for the rest of the month!)

Racing is glorious and fun and motivating.  (Except for that one 10K I ran in Hot Springs, Arkansas called, appropriately, the Mountain-Something 10K that was LITERALLY up a mountain for 4 miles. That sucked.)

There are amazing people to be seen on ANY race course. 

If you've never been to a race (running or supporting), I suggest you do so.  Since I can't be in Boston and I don't know anyone involved in the Boston marathon, this is my small gesture of support and solidarity - wearing silly t-shirts and asking all of you to think about doing the same and sharing.

My words are coming out wrong so I won't comment much more than this : I will keep on running races and showing my support to the running community. 

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Any others I should add to the list?