things i did and did not do this weekend...

hmmm.. well i still haven't found a job! i went on an interview on Friday for a job I know I did NOT want but wanted to get some interview practice in. it was the SINGLE weirdest interview I have ever been on in my life: 5 InterviewERS and 4 InterviewEES. In the same room. so we all had to answer the same question one right after another. totally and completely bizarre. they also were NOT the kind of people i would ever work for - I am pretty sure they took one look at me and dismissed me (too young) and from that point on didn't really listen to a word i had to say. i forgot how much i hate interviewing and how stressful the whole thing is.

point: i am stressed about not having a job.

the weekend was low-key. we hung out a lot. saw harry potter. (excellent.) ate a LARGE, buttery, salty popcorn and some GIGANTIC cokes at the movie theater (indulgent and like $15 - what is that?). I worked at the Little Gym both Saturday and Sunday. Karl took MiMi to the hospital on Sunday (she was sick like the rest of the world!) so that is not fun.

And Monday we went to Fairy's funeral in Mineral Springs. It was a simple, beautiful service and all the grandkids and many great-grand babies were there. "Mama Graves" was definately a well-loved lady! She had some cool stuff in her house as well - old war rations, children's book from 1930s and 40s, old pictures... can you believe she was born in 1907? Crazy!

and then TODAY my lovely car, Sally the Saturn, would not start. her trunk was left open and her battery died. AND I STILL DON'T FEEL GOOD! AND i don't get to see my family for Turkey Day or even COOK my potato products.

thanks for reading this post by captain depress-O! i am going to go CRY now!


Lauryl Lane said...

poor kat! i love you!

melissa said...

the potatoes with the corn flakes and cheese on top?

Susan said...

Why no spuds? There's a job opening in teh research department here at ABPG if you're interested. :)

Elizabeth Spann said...

You can make ME potatoes any time you want!! Love you, Kat!

Jax said...

I am sorry you are icky!!Watch Ellen! She makes me laugh. There's nothing like a lesbian comedian with famous people on her show that will turn that frown upside down better! lol! Miss you, woman!

the gloria family said...

sorry you're sad kat. i agree with elizabeth. you can make potatoes for us. now doesn't that make everything better?

Anonymous said...

cheesey potatoes are the best potatoes ever! and the saturn....holy crap..what's up high school car pool. keep your spirits up katie...it will all come together.

Leah Billings said...

I hate feeling depressed too! If I wasn't able to cook, I think I would die. I agree with everyone else...make potatoes for us! We should have a potatoe themed Survivor night. Ha!

Carol said...


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